Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fox Wants the Big Taco

Here's a virgin thought..... "Thank goodness for the House Republicans!"

President Bush and his Senate lackies "are increasingly concerned about a House Republican policy that could block final agreement" on the immigration overhaul (amnesty) legislation even if the Senate reaches an agreement.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) will let the compromise legislation go forward only if it appears to be backed by a "majority of the majority," or more than half of the 231 House Republicans. On this thread of governing philosophy may hang the future of our nation.

However, passage in the Senate is not a done deal. Some GOP Senators, like Charles Grassley (R-IA), have gone on record that they will vote against this bill.... still it is likely to pass as many Senate Democrats are only too happy join the Bush "illegal aliens first" push.

As Grassley said in a recent communication to voters, because of the invasion of the illegal aliens our "welcome mat is being trampled."

He thinks it is hard to "empathize with those who thumb their noses at the rule of law," and who "deliberately bypassed the proper channels and broke our laws to enter our country." Grassley apologized for his vote in 1986 for amnesty...."I know now that it was a big mistake."

On the home front, Mexico's President Vicente Fox is busy adding insult to injury by lobbying in the United States today for Bush's amnesty legislation on behalf of his millions of Mexican illegal aliens. Fox wants amnesty, fast-path citizenship and guest worker programs.... the continuing benefit of our education, medical and Social Security systems for his invading legions. And, of course he's against using the National Guard on the border.

Fox the Brazen wants to have his Big Taco and eat it too. And a Big Taco it is, money sent by Mexicans back to Mexico is Mexico's second largest source of income, some $20 billion in 2005. That is money not invested in the U.S. economy.

But, like the recent demanding marches for amnesty, Fox may accomplish the opposite of what he wants. Red-blooded U.S. citizens won't look kindly on a foreign president meddling in our business.... to their benefit and our detriment.

And Bush the Timid..... it is astounding how our former Macho Man bows to Fox's demands and intrusion into our sovereign affairs. Makes you wonder what Fox has on Bush.


beverley said...

As a democrat and an immigrant, here are some of the problems I have with the Senate Immigration bill currently being debated:

1. Illegal aliens who have committed identity theft and document fraud would not be prosecuted for these crimes. Identity theft I KNOW is a FELONY.

2. Illegal aliens would then to entitled to the social security benefits they paid while using these STOLEN and fraudulent social security numbers.

3. Employers of these illegal aliens would be exempt, also, from prosecution.

4. Currently in under immigration laws, no one can self-petition for a greencard. Under this bill low-skilled workers would be able to self-petition after working here for four years. This also means they would be then eligible to an entire host of public assistance. Current immigration laws requires that the sponsorer is financially responsible for their sponsoree, under family sponsorship, for 10 years. This is a dangerous precedent and will impact our social saftey net system.

5. Continuous employment under this bill is 6 days out of every year.

I want to know what the rush is to take care of the 12-20 million illegals here. Why can't we secure the border first, enforce the laws on the books and then deal with the 12-20 million people here illegally ONCE WE KNOW that the enforcement IS dramatically reducing the amount of illegals coming into the country.

And if we are so interested in bringing them "out of the shadows" why aren't we working with IRS who have already identified 8 million mismatched social security numbers. I think that would be a sound first place to start. They can't be in the shadows if their children are in school, if they are using our hospitals, if they are working and paying taxes.

I wonder when either the Democratic or Republican party will begin to care about the American citizens and the legal residents of this country and start doing things which are in our best interest.

Truth Hunter said...

disenfranchiseddemocrat: You have expressed the frustration of not only disenfranchised Democrats, but former Bush-supporting Republicans as well. Thank you for sharing your very well stated thoughts.

Anonymous said...

During the Carter administration it was said that the nation was in a malaise. At that time, no-one really even began to understand what a malaise was.

Today our country is totally awash in a horrific malaise that permeates our government and every aspect of American life. Our government’s serious failures include a failed foreign policy that can take credit for the debacle in Iraq, the hatred of the U.S. around the world, the oncoming Iranian nuclear catastrophe, our weakened armed forces, incomprehensible deficit spending, and a self-serving and irresponsible president and Congress.

Americans now realize that our two-party political system has been reduced to an endless partisan tug-of-war between the Red and Blue teams. This deadlock has proven to be incapable of providing the country with what is required for the security, progress and betterment of our country.

The current illegal immigration crisis, and the lack of forceful action to stem it, will exponentially intensify the malaise and affect the very nature of our country from this generation forward. By permitting the president of Mexico to directly interfere in our nation’s business, and with our president and Congress pandering to Latin constituents, we are accepting a full-scale invasion of our country that will result in a huge transformation of our culture, values, language, and national identity...without a shot being fired! Our founding fathers would not even begin to comprehend how or why our government is facilitating this overwhelming invasion. Historically, shooting wars have started over less. Hopefully, those members in our government that promote and support the illegal immigration agenda will eternally be tormented by the spirit of our forefathers. We fervently hope so.

God help us, the Latino tsunami is upon us.