Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cinco de Mayo-No, Space Day-Yes!

Presidente Bush gave a stirring Cinco de Mayo-themed speech the U.S. beer-Margarita-nacho celebration begins for this Mexican Holiday. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the time the Mexicans chased off Napoleon III's army, then succumbed to more years of French rule....but it was a good try.

Anyway, any excuse for a party. Good thing too, as the day receives much less attention in Mexico.

Our "grating communicator" said in this speech: "Both countries believe in the rights and dignity of our citizens."

Yes, he actually said that, I wrote it down right after he uttered that phrase. The "rights and dignity" of the Mexican people... led by Vicente "Your Land is My Land" Fox.

So then, why is it upwards of 20 million Mexicans fled their country with largely just the clothes on their backs, walking through death-defying deserts to break into the U.S.'s because they have rights and dignity in their homeland. Not only don't they have rights and dignity, they are at the mercy of a corrupt government more interested in sending their problems to the U.S. than working to provide jobs and thus dignity.

Take off the blinders, el Presidente Bush, saying something doesn't make it so.

This empty rhetoric is why people are tuning you out and your poll ratings are in the dumper. This illegal invasion of our country is not a part of the American dream, it is a part of the Mexican nightmare.

Your country is asking why you don't stand up to Fox, and stand up for the legal citizens you were sworn to protect and defend.

If it's a party you're looking for, or something to speechify, how about Space Day, which is also today. It celebrates our glorious U.S. exploration achievements. Former astronaut and U.S. Sen. John Glenn is spearheading this celebration for the Smithsonian.

Instead of dumping billions of taxpayers dollars into corporate welfare coffers, which is what the social net for illegal immigrants amounts to, why not do something to uplift our country and benefit mankind...stop underfunding NASA's space programs.

"The small missions of NASA have been the bedrock for advances in science and the pipeline for developing human capital and technology" according to Lennard A. Fisk, Chairman of a study by the National Research Council on NASA..... "lower-than-anticipated science funding, especially for smaller missions and research, could cause many NASA scientists to leave the agency and discourage new talent from joining up."

If you need something to celebrate that advances the dignity of mankind and celebrates achievement, President Bush, how about our own Space Day.

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