Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bush's Liberal Wonderland

Let's finally look at the elephant in the room..... the neoconservative are the new liberals!

Remember how conservatives scoffed at nation building and the 60s Flower Power children who wanted the "perfectibility of humankind."

As Harold Meyerson explains in the Washington Post, the Flower Power generation meant well, but didn't bother with consequences.... "criminal codes devoid of punishment, welfare programs requiring no work..... civic order took a back seat to individual rights."

Fast forward..... when Gen. Eric Shinseki tried to tell the Cheney-led Bush administration neocons that the occupation of Iraq would take many hundreds of thousands of troops to succeed, he was rebuked by a chief neocon planner, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and shown the door.

The neocons fully envisioned the invasion of Iraq to be met with hosannas and flowers from the grateful liberated, although their own suppressed intelligence told them the opposite. They wanted an idealized postwar Iraq, just like dreamy liberals.

Iraq was to be the perfect stepping stone as a thriving democracy for the conversion of the Islam lands. Bush still tells a stupefied nation his dreamy vision for world democracy amidst sectarian slaughter, savagery and ever-increasing religious radicalism.

A dreamy Bush also sees the Mexicans through the lens of his "people yearning" vision and personal experience... nannies and hard-working super-servants. He turned a messianic-blinded eye to their illegal invasion over our borders.....pillaging our social services; overwhelming our medical and educational systems, throwing U.S. citizens out of low-paying, and then better paying jobs; importing their crime, drugs and gangs; and making their demands.

Right before the eyes of his astounded conservative base, Bush turned into a panty-waist, lawbreaker-enabling liberal! Our Alice in Wonderland......

"What do you know about this business?" the King Cheney said to Alice
"Nothing," said Alice.
"Nothing whatever?" persisted the King Cheney.
"Nothing whatever," said Alice.
"That's very important," the King Cheney said.

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