Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush to Fox... wink, wink

President Bush already has alarm bells screeching in advance of his address to the nation tonight on immigration reform. Over the weekend Bush held Mexican President Vicente "Your Land is My Land" Fox's hand, assuring HIM that dispatching National Guard troops to our southern border would only be a "temporary measure."

The world turned upside down....we're assuring Fox, who is abetting the invasion of our borders by his Mexican citizens, not to worry.... this is just a PR ploy! Sounds like tonight's speech is shaping up to be more flim flam from "The Decider."

Hand-wringing Democrats and a few Republicans moan that Guard border deployment will put "further strain" on our troops in Iraq. Maybe I'm missing something here, but to those critics like Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb) who say we shouldn't use our National Guard to secure our national borders....."That's not the role of our National Guard"..... I say that IS the role of our National Guard.

It is not the role of our National Guard to be shipped half way around the world to fight in a war of choice because the planners didn't have the foresight and political will to institute a draft!

Pleeeeeze..... just tell it the way it is.

If Bush is "The Decider,"... the illegal aliens are "The Demanders."

The "We Are America Alliance" in support of illegal alien rights promises a day of civil action on Wednesday, with demonstrations at the White House and on Capitol Hill and the launch of a nationwide voter registration campaign at "tax exempt" churches and "non-taxpaying" nonprofit organizations that hope sign up a million new voters.

In illegal-alien overrun California, no PROOF of citizenship is required to register to vote, just a declaration of citizenship.... doesn't anyone else see a problem here? People who are going to break the law to invade won't have any scruples about lying about their citizenship.

While "The Decider" decides, and "The Demanders" demand, The "U.S. Citizen Taxpayers" pay.

I truly hope Bush proves me wrong this evening.... and "The Decider" becomes "The Enforcer."


Charlie said...

One role of the national guard may be to protect the border from invading armies, but that is not the situation here. This is an issue of law enforcement: apprehending and arresting people at the border. That is not the role that the national guard has been trained for. To use them as such degrades the lethal training that they have had, as well as puts them in a role to enforce the law that they do not excel at.

You make an excellent point that the national guard should be used here at home rather than sent overseas to right in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Truth Hunter said...

Charlie... What do you consider an "army" in these terrorist times. When 11+ million illegal aliens break into a country, that is an invasion from my point of view. The presence of the Minutemen along portions of the border have been a VERY effective deterrent, the Guard could play the same role.

I appreciate your comments and hope you agree that no matter what legislation is passed, it is the will to enforce these laws that matters. The voters are tired of empty words and gestures as many will find out in November.