Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bush Oz Curtain Shredding

To our GOP friends we say, welcome home from the land of Oz.

Poll after poll is showing that President Bush and the GOP Congress are losing core supporters. Little wonder.

We know it was hard for you to finally see there was no genius behind the curtain, just a posturing frat boy on a spending spree..... President Bush, the man you gave your patriotic heart and soul.

When you supported him you envisioned a land with a yellow brick road leading to a shining White House on a hill.... no more nation building, no more big government, no more pork barrel spending and bloated budget deficits, dependable Medicare and Social Security programs, enforcement of laws and security from terrorists... at our ports... on our borders. All an illusion.

The outnumbered Congressional Democrats have been unable, or unwilling, to withstand the devastating tornado of Bush governing that is dismantling our nation...a nation fighting to preserve its very identity and financial breath.

The latest financial body blow was the House vote to approve a five-year $70 billion tax cut package, passed along party lines with the GOP prevailing. The bill goes to the GOP-dominated Senate today and then on to Bush for his gleeful signature. This will bring the Bush tax cuts over this decade to nearly $2 trillion.... we're awash in sea of red ink, but no matter, Bush will have his way.

As Michael Franc at the conservative Heritage Foundation points out, "It begins with spending, extends through immigration and results in a sense that we have Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee for the two parties."

If the Republicans and Democrats want to regain the confidence of their electorate, there is something they can do immediately. Listen to us.... SECURE OUR BORDERS!


Curmudgeon said...

Well said. I have written an essay on the sovereignty issue entitled “Civil War II – Assimilate or Leave” that you might enjoy at

George in Alabama said...

Thank you for such clear vision! How could the voting public have been duped into a second term for this spoiled boy, Bush? Our children and grandchildren will be paying for the debt we are allowing to be created by stupid tax cuts which appeal to the greed in just about everyone and are purely political in nature. I want even address Iraq and oil!!!