Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bush Focus: Fundraising

The nation is in a lot of trouble.

We are in a devastatingly expensive war in Iraq that gets bloodier by the day despite airy-fairy reassurances from the Bush administration.

The national budget and trade deficits have reached astronomical proportions... despite Bush administration toadies proclaming the economy is strong. What we actually have is a credit card economy. And you know what happens when those credit bills come due. Yet the Bush administration continues to reduce national income through tax cuts.

The nation is being overrun by an invasion of illegal aliens across the southern border. The Bush administration's fix is 6,000 National Guard who will have no authority whatsoever to do anything to stop, apprehend or even impede the border lawbreakers.

Bearing this in mind, what do you think "President Bush and his team are focusing on" ..... the November elections with fundraisers by Bush the Lesser and "building a campaign strategy around tax cuts, immigration and national security!"

Either Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove is in la-la land, or Bush the Arrogant and his handlers think the Silent Majority is stupid. There is no way they can turn the cesspool of their governing into a Lilly pond!

Hurricane Katrina was the biggest response disaster in our nation's history. The Bush administration spies on U.S. citizens with a system that captures gazillions of their phone call records, and has space satellites that can photograph a flea on a camel's hump. Yet "Homeland Security" allowed millions of undocumented aliens invade our southern border, and our ports and imported goods are a security game of Russian roulette.

Two House Democrats who oversee Homeland Security criticized the agency last week for "not releasing to Congress reports on 118 security plans for mass transit, rail, aviation, ports and borders." Many of the reports were due in 2003. Your Homeland Security at work.

Our Bush-manipulated war in Iraq is pulling the nation down and apart. So it is hopeful for the long-suffering Silent Majority that there is within the Democratic Party a substantial body of politicians and policymakers who, instead of just criticizing the Bush governing disaster, are formulating policy for a different approach to Iraq. They are taking their plans to centrist Democrats.

Not to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) the Revengeful, Bull-horn Liberal Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass), or Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) the Irrelevant.

These younger Democrat party foreign affairs professionals propose to first clean up the crimes perpetrated by the Bush administration "at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and the CIA's secret prisons" to restore America's reputation as the world's foremost defender of human rights.

They will end the Bush cynical policy of nation building, while linking foreign aid to implementation of "a long term plan for political and economic changes" by benefiting countries. And they won't cut and run from the Iraq war.

The Silent Majority will not be fooled by the Bush fund-raising history rewriters... and they will respond to fresh ideas from fresh Congressional faces.

The citizen Silent Majority will not be silent in November.

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Anonymous said...

If we could just bill the republican party for the fuel costs alone of
AF-1 and assorted support aircraft they would have near zero balance in their treasury.

Of course it could never happen!