Sunday, April 02, 2006

Enough is Enough

Upon sober reflection on why there is so much outrage over the illegal alien problem, I think this issue may just be the tipping point for the citizens of the U.S. who are fed up with the policies of the White House and the spineless pandering Congress.....their corruption and arrogant attitudes toward the will of the electorate.

The majority of U.S. taxpayers didn't want the drug-company bonanza drug program which brought more national debt, certainly didn't want bloated budgets and skyrocketing deficits, feel lied to about the reasons for the disasterous war of choice, think "No Child Left Behind" is not an effective education program (just ask the educators), want to keep religion out of government, don't want to sell our ports and other vital security assets to foreign entities, want to secure our borders and to stop illegal immigration...just to name a few things.

We want to keep our national identity and put the needs and security of our citizens first.

Watching hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens march carrying Mexican flags and demanding rights they are not entitled to by law while bankrupting our medical and educational systems is just too much.

We feel our laws are being trampled and our national pride challenged.

Now what?

November is just a first step.

We can make our voices heard........BIG time!

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