Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bush Spins on "Axis of Evil"

On Monday both President George Bush and White House press secretary Scott McClellan tried to reassure the country and the world that the report of using force against "Axis of Evil" Iran was just "wild speculation." (See my previous blog "Iran War Abyss Looms.")

After being caught in numerous exaggerations, misstatements and fairy tales, their denials sound scripted (McClellan used "wild speculation" eight times) and hollow.

As the Washington Post points out, Bush's new National Security Strategy, which was released just last month, cited Iran as the "most serious challenge to the United States of any country" and reaffirmed the doctrine of preemption.

However, in Monday's comments Bush used the phrase "doctrine of prevention" rather than "preemption."

Some scholars say this actually raises the probability of an attack on Iran as they view "preemptive war" as striking when an enemy threat is an imminent danger, whereas a "preventive war" suggests attacking an adversary even without an urgent threat.

But with the Bush administration, as always, words don't mean much anyway.....just watch what they do, not what they say they will do cloaked in whatever clever language they think will justify their actions.

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