Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bush the Determinator

Move over Ahrnold.....you may be the Terminator, but there is a new tough in town.

It's Bush the Determinator!

Eyes ablaze, Bush fired all barrels in response to a reporter's query about White House staffing. Bush defended his decision to stick with his Generally beleaguered Sec. of Defense, Donald "The Long Screwdriver" Rumsfeld as he is known by his micro-managed commanders.

Bush set straight the gathered reporters telling them, with forward-thrust chin, what a fine job Screwy is doing and that,......"I am the decider" and he will decide who stays and who goes.

And with that, he turned his back on those who dared to question him, and marched off in full snit.

Well.......there is just one little point Bush the Determinator forgot.

Actually, we, the electorate, make the final decision about who stays and who goes........

The evictions start in November!

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