Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Trust Government an Oxymoron

Does this sound right to you?

Associated Press - An official British inquiry into the 1997 death of Princess Diana in a high-speed car crash has found no evidence of foul play it was reported Monday.

The last part of this news article says: "French officials have said all traffic cameras on the road that Diana's car took, and within the tunnel, were not working the night of the crash. But Monday's Daily Express newspaper challenged that finding, saying a woman was caught speeding by a camera in the Pont d'Alma tunnel moments before Diana's crash."

No cameras were working! Just how much can people trust the word of governments and their reports any more?

In this country we have official reports like the 9/11 Commission, assertions made on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, government denial of knowledge of the threat to New Orleans that hurricane Katrina posed, the "official" surprise over the Dubai Ports World deal....you know the list. It goes on and on.

The GOP likes to quote the late President Reagan who said: "Trust but verify."

Thanks to the current Bush administration, we must now "Verify before trust."

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Anonymous said...

When government officials are talking these days always "verify before trust".... Amen.