Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Heeeeere's Georgie

The White House thinks it's onto something.....since they can't sell policy on substance, go for appearance!

So......Heeeeeeeere's Georgie!

Maybe the White House is getting its political ideas from the last episode of West Wing where Alan Alda, playing a falling-polls Presidential Candidate (GOP by the way), holds a long in-your-face press conference and turns public opinion.

Presto change-o! Polls heading up!

An increasingly unpopular Georgie needed something, especially since his public opinion handlers have had him singing the one note "Everything's Great" song. So, why not try the West Wing approach, a besieged politician holding forth brilliantly and turning the tide.

Problem is, Bush roving around the country with his mike doesn't come off as's more like a frat boy on a non-musical karaoke tour.

Wonder if this flippant approach will salve the Iraq war-Katrina disaster-lost jobs grief of the nation. Or win the lost admiration of our former allies. Or start to reverse the plunging national budget and trade deficits. Or stem illegal immigration and secure our ports and borders.

Why doesn't Bush just get to work and DO something? Few are buying his act anyway.

And're no Alan Alda.

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