Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bush Slash and Burn Agenda

The Bush administration strategy for implementing its agenda seems clear.

Slash and burn!

Go full speed ahead on all fronts knowing that while some things may be stopped, vast chunks of their agenda will get through. In this way they are quickly, and with total indifference to public outrage, dismantling years of progress in social policy, financial accountability, international relations and respect for the rule of law.

Just look at the damage from the audacious Bush agenda...the national debt and trade deficit, education, the environment, science, borders and ports, social programs, individual rights and freedoms, separation of church and state, defense policy, human all out assault!

No accountability. No transparency. Lots of propaganda and just plain lies.

Take the now infamous UAE's Dubai Ports World deal for operations in 24 U.S. seaports, the Financial Times reports today that "A person close to the deal said last night that DP World would not necessarily sell all of its interest in P&O's U.S. assets and could retain as much as 49 per cent."

We wondered about the tricky wording in DP World's press release last week that said they would "transfer" control.

The Bush administration is relentless in the pursuit of its interests, we have to be equally relentless in the pursuit of ours . Verify then trust....then keep verifying!

For example, did you know EPA's Toxics Release Inventory program is being changed to make it easier for companies to pollute? Bush's EPA is proposing three detrimental changes that could go into effect within the next year.

Polluters could release 10 times more toxic chemicals without disclosing the volume or where it went; companies could conceal releases of up to 500 pounds annually of particularly dangerous toxic materials like PCB's, lead and mercury which can accumulate in people's bodies; and, the current annual reporting requirement would be changed to every two years. Here's the full story:

And this disclosure doesn't even scratch the surface of the Bush administration outrages!

Back to the ports deal. Why would UAE and the Bush administration be so dug in on this? After all, the U.S. portion of the P&O takeover represents only 10 per cent of the total package. The financial exposure this represents to UAE is chump change to them.

And, the Bush administration by stubbornly defending this indefensible security risk to our ports, is further destroying the trust of the electorate and gutting his GOP backing in both houses of Congress.

Puzzling. There obviously is more to this deal than meets the eye. Oil and money? Positioning for a wider war in the Middle East? One World Order? We can only guess as policies are formulated behind closed doors.

I can only echo the recent frustration of entertainers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as they viewed the Bush administration's inept and inadequate relief and cleanup efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina....... "Vote!"

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