Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bush Compassion Misplaced

A big fight is developing in the Senate next week over the issue of immigration and border security. Senators are taking sides, posturing and hurling oratorical bombs. It won't be pretty.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is getting ready to back a bill by Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA), Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act, S. 1033, proposing comprehensive immigration and border security legislation and a path to jobs and residency for 12 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S.

President Bush supports this proposal.

Nevertheless, the issue of illegal immigration is a conundrum for the GOP. Big business wants more immigrants, legal or illegal, as a source of cheap labor. Big business is the GOP's bread and butter. And will also be McCain's in his probable 2008 presidential bid.

The conservative GOP base, however, feels regularizing the status of illegal immigrants would be rewarding law breakers and further weaken the social and economic fabric of the country.

Senate leader, Bill Frist (R-TN), who is himself eyeing a presidential run, is backing a proposal that would modify S. 1033 to more reflect the conservative stance. It would sidestep the question of temporary work permits for illegals, tighten borders, punish employers who hire illegal immigrants and provide for more visas.

The Democrat leadership wants S.1033. Senate minority leader, Harry Reid (D-NV) at a press conference a few steps from Tijuana, Mexico vowed to "use every procedural means at my disposal" to prevent Frist from bypassing the Judiciary Committee with his overhauled bill.

Democrats supporting S.1033 will tell you their hearts are pure, their interest in infusing 12 million illegal and Democrat-leaning immigrants into our voting is humanitarian. And for some it probably is. But they are discounting, and ignoring, the wishes of much of their base.

So those are the issues and the lineups.

You have heard of corporate OUTSOURCING for cheap labor costs.

Well, corporations are also promoting INSOURCING for cheap labor.

And politicians are positioning themselves to take what they feel will be a winning stance on illegal immigration in 2008. VOTESOURCING.

Caught in the middle of all of this political crossfire are the legal U.S. taxpaying citizens....the forgotten majority.

They ask, what about ILLEGAL doesn't the government understand? Legal citizens wouldn't be rewarded for breaking the law! Our country is being harmed by the illegal flood. Social support services, health care and educational capabilities, depressed wages, loss of jobs....the incredible cost of it all.

Bush makes statements of compassion for the illegal immigrants who just want good jobs to support their families.

What about struggling U.S. citizens who just want good jobs to support their families, and the benefit of their tax dollars?

Bush, Democrats, McCain, Kennedy........compassion starts at home!

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