Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bush Bunch Rates an "F"

Our Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told his audience at the Army War College yesterday that the United States rates a "D" grade for its efforts to counter ideological support for terrorism....the war of ideas.

He said he thinks it is because the country has "not found the formula" for countering the extremists message.

Actually it is much simpler than that.

Just like our children, countries and peoples learn by example.

What has been our "democratic" example?

An erosion of citizen civil rights, court and machine-rigged elections, "our way or the highway" foreign policy, corporate takeover of governmental policies, dismantling of the middle class, "elephant in the china shop" wars of choice, arrogant and corrupt politicians ignoring the electorate.

Only when our example matches our rhetoric will the message take hold.

This can't happen while we tolerate the Bush bully-boys.

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