Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More Ports in Bush Deal

By cleverly highlighting six major ports, the full story about the takeover of P & O by Dubai Ports World in the United Arab Emirates is being nicely obscured. P & O is exiting all of its holdings in the U.S. including the seven ports in Texas located in Houston, Galveston, Freeport, Corpus Christi, Beaumont and Port Arthur. These are key ports for the movement of oil, but also for arms and materials for the war effort in Iraq!

But it gets worse. P & O also operates the New York City Passenger Terminal just 5 minutes from Times Square. All would be a part of a takeover deal.

Ask yourself, why is President Bush is so worried about this deal with the United Arab Emirates that he is willing to do something he has never done before. He threatens to use his first veto ever to override congressional bi-partisan efforts to stop this sale. Bush is stating loud and clear, he will put the UAE interests ahead of our security interests.

But we America-loving citizens can also use our veto power in November.....loud and clear!

One further thought on the Bush administration's selling of America. Were you left with the impression that Dubai Ports World was a regular company based in the United Arab Emirates.

Oh no.

Dubai Ports World is a United Arab Emirates state-owned and run company. Our ports would be in fact operated by an Arab country. And is UAE using their own money for the takeover? No, the UAE $6.5 billion takeover loan will be financed by about 30 Middle East banks.

November can't come soon enough!

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